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I know there seems little reason to have a virtual printer that prints PDF files on a Mac, every program can use the print dialogue to create a PDF.

But in a hybrid network of Windows and Macs it makes good sense and allows you to create PDF files from any program on a Windows PC. Just use CUPS-PDF to setup a PDF virtual printer on a Mac, and share the printer.

Now every Windows PC on the network can create PDF files printing to this shared printer.

2 days with Windows

That’s right. I lasted a whole 2 days before I thought the disk space was of far more value to OSX than to running Windows.

The install was easy enough, and the drivers being included on the leopard disk means everything runs smoothly. I think the best hardware for running windows on is a mac.

Of course then there were gigabytes of updates to download, and I needed a virus scanner (AVG is acceptable and free). Then IE7 and firefox to download, I think it took me half a day to get setup. It took me another half a day to realise what a bad choice I had made.

My macbook running OSX is fast and stable. I rarely have a crash, startup is quick, and though not lightning, most applications start quickly and the computer always seems responsive. Now in XP, I didn’t have a Vista disk handy, my computer became a steaming pile of poo to use.

My fresh install was slow and unreliable and plain and simple frustrating. So I spent a day getting what I need from the playstation store and then I reclaimed my disk space.

If you really think Windows compares you haven’t given Mac a fair go, or simply have no taste.

grrr Windows

For 6 months I have managed to live completely windows free (well except for my dopod – no iphone in Oz yet). Missing sync worked on the mac, office was there for compatibility, I was in a Beautiful windowless world.

I wanted to use the Playstation Store today, and you need to install a download manager to get the games on to the PSP.  And of course it runs on Windows only. I can’t find a way around it. Codeweavers may work, I haven’t tried.

After 6 months I have given 5gb of disk to Bootcamp and windows. I have given up my ideals for Crash Team Racing. I am a cheap and dirty tramp. 

Samba, Leopard and Windows 2003 AD. Hurrah!

More Leopard goodness. The office infrastructure I work in is all Windows, with a Windows 2003 AD controlling it all. I was having all sorts of issues with Tiger and the AD. I could use it as a directory, but because of AD and it’s proprietary Kerberos implementation, I could not use printersor any of the network shares. Just to print a document I was having to Remote Desktop into a Windows server.

There are some fixes. See: http://allinthehead.com/retro/218/accessing-a-windows-2003-share-from-os-x. But I am not the Domain admin, and the change was refused.

I was hoping that Leopard’s implementation of Samba would fix the problem, but in the list of 300 improvements, samba was not mentioned. Anyway, my first time in the office in the 2 weeks since Leopard’s release, and it works! I can interact with the windows network seamlessly. I guess if it’s not one of the 300 new features it’s one of the +’s.

Either way I am happy, whether it was deliberate in the apple’s implementation of Samba, or simply a feature of the newer version included in Leopard, it works.