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No Updates

My lack of documentation and blog entries is disturbing.

I have been doing things, but they have been un-interesting, at least from a blog point of view. Which I do find troubling.

Uninteresting work tends to make me a little restless.

When a couple of current projects come to an end there may be some interesting things to blog.

WordPress and Safari

WordPress and Safari have issues. Well more accurately, TinyMCE and Safari have issues.

TinyMCE is the visual editor that WordPress uses and it can’t work with Safari. The most obvious way you see this is WordPress not keeping the format of your posts once you have published them, especially the paragraph breaks.

What’s the answer? Use Firefox or Opera. It’s a crap answer. Safari 3 was getting real nice. Stable and quick.

Moving from Blosxom

I have moved from blosxom to wordpress. I could do most of the same things with Blosxom, but it was a massive hack. Why wordpress? It was a one cick install from dreamhost, the the simple answer: laziness.

There was no direct import for blosxom so I needed to do an rss import, and I have unfortunately lost the comments previously posted. I also haven’t imported every post, some seemed fairly pointless in retrospect.

New host and a new flavour

I have decided to move my blog to my newly registered domain at dreamhost. I am hoping to increase the frequency of my posting again, but the flavour of my entries will be different.I still find myself regularly using computers and having to solve technical problems which are worth documenting (or at least ranting about), the difference is the nature of those problems, and the time I have to solve them.I am now almost exclusively using macs, so most of the new content will be mac based. And as I have non-technical priorities in my current work environment I only spend small amounts of time solving technical issues, so posting may be a little less regular.I have already lost the readers I had with my hiatus, and perhaps no one will ever read the posts, but heck I might as well do something with this space.

Making a career shift

I have been doing a lot of soul searching, and an opportunity has come up for me to move out of the IT business completely. I have decided to take the opportunity.

I love open source and I love technology, but the new position allows me to better peoples lives on a very real level.

That said, I imagine there will be very few updates to this blog from here on in. All of this documentation is creative commons licensed, and if you find any of it useful, take it, adapt it, share it.

First Post

Welcome to my blog. Obviously there is not a lot here as of this post. But
hopefully there will be stuff here soon. The main purpose of this blog is a
place where I can keep technical notes and howtos which help me immensely.
Whether others use the blog or not is a secondary concern.