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Building pam_mount on CentOS 5 (RHEL)

huh? I can’t seem to find pam_mount for CentOS 5. RPMForge seems to have the build logs for it, but yum can’t see the rpm to install and neither can I.

Pretty simple to fix, a bit lazy, but it will only take you 5 minutes.

Grab the rpm sources for libHX and pam_mount from your local Fedora 9 mirror. I got mine from here:


Build the libHX source:

# rpmbuild --rebuild libHX-1.18-1.fc9.src.rpm

Install the libHX rpm and the libHX-devel rpm. Now build pam_mount the same way:

# rpmbuild --rebuild pam_mount-0.41-2.fc9.src.rpm

Use “yum localinstall” to install pam_mount as it probably needs to grab a perl XML module as well.