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Trash support with NFS4

Wow déjà vu. So gnome-vfs is still brain dead. Of course NFS4 is going to be used at some point for home directories and need trash support. Why is the list of supported filesystems still hard-coded in a c file?

Follow the instructions from the previous post, modify them to say nfs4 instead of fuse.

Update: 13/11/2008

Patch file you can apply to the SRPM of gnome-vfs: gnome-vfs-2162-nfs4-trash.patch

NFS4, Kerberos, NTP and Redhat

My latest lab build is using nfs4 to mount home directories.

Kerberos authentication requires the time to synced before it will work. Redhat (CentOS) tries mounting Network filesystems before syncing the time on startup. Can anyone else see the problem?

If any of our lab machines have their time out by more than 5 minutes the mount will fail.

I have changed the startup priority of ntpd from 58 to 12, and this has fixed the problem.

As ntpd only requires networking to work, I cannot understand why it starts at 58, but problem solved.