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Unwanted free mp3 player

I just bought an ice cream. Opened it and it was plastic. It was a marketing gimmick from streets, instead of an ice cream I get an mp3 player in the mail. But I wanted an ice cream. I have won something and actually feel let down. I hope the mp3 player tastes like chocolate.


I haven’t forgotten about technical posts, I just need something interesting to happen in my job so I can blog about it. The work has been a little mundane.

Stupid call centres

Man, I hate telco call centres. I had to make a simple call to my mobile provider to ask about a bill, a simple straight forward phone call. Mood when placing the call: relaxed and happy.

I hit their automated voice recognition system which will supposedly direct my call and save me time.

Computer: Is this a mobile, internet or business related call?
Me: Mobile
Computer: So that’s a a business related call?
Me: NO
Computer: Thanks. Is this call in regards to a bill payment or account balance for you business acount
Me: NO NO NO, I don’t have a freakin’ business account
Computer: Great, thanks transferring you to our automatic bill payment system
Me: Sobbing into phone

Mood now: NOT relaxed and happy.

So I ring back.

Computer: Is this a mobile, internet or business related call?
Me: Makes a farty sound into handset
Computer: I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that
Me: More farty sounds
Computer: I’m sorry I am still having trouble (lists all services)
Me: Ice Ice Baby da da da dadada da
Computer: Transferring you to an operator now

And of course the operator now gets my full frustrated and annoyed mood. If I had spoken to the employee on the other end 15 minutes ago, she would have had a far more reasonable customer on the end.

Are these devices only designed to slow you down, and make sure only the most belligerent and determined customers can actually have there problems solved?