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Ubuntu 9.10 has a broken tsclient included

The tsclient included with Karmic has a broken tsclient applet. It is a known bug, as simple as a typo. It was discovered over 4 months ago, and a fix has been made upstream.

For whatever reason, nothing has been done other than having the big confirmed.

If you depend on the tsclient applet, as I do, grab the package from debian and install it.

Grab the package for you architecture from here.

And simply install it with dpkg:

$ sudo dpkg -i tsclient_0.150-3_i386.deb

The only difference between this release and the one previous is the removal of this bug, which is a fairly serious bug. Including this in the karmic repo would be trivial, and it should have been done before the 9.10 went final.

Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN

I have been attmepting to tether my iPhone to my computer using bluetooth in Karmic.

Supposedy blueman can do this very easily (www.blueman-project.org). To install blueman just run:
$ sudo aptitude install blueman.

My experience with blueman has been very hit and miss however, the connection appears to be made via bluetooth but I can rarely seem to get NetworkManager to make a network connection. Sometimes I have success pairing the devices again.

Using the older pand binary I have had a lot more success.┬áIf you are not scared of the terminal, it isn’t difficult and appears far more reliable Continue reading Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN