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Connecting to an Airport Express from Linux

Wow. Karmic actually did something that really impressed me, there is support for Airport express streaming in the standard repos.

To enable it:
$ sudo apt-get install pulseaudio padevchooser pulseaudio-module-raop pulseaudio-module-zeroconf

Then run System -> Preferences -> Pulse Audio Preference. Tick “Make discovereable Apple AirTunes devices available locally”.

Run RhythmBox, or any app which uses pulse-audio as its backend, and play some audio.

Run Applications -> Sound & Video -> PulseAudio Volume control.

Select Airport Express as the output for this app.

Screenshot-Volume Control

iTunes 8, Error 5002

After the upgrade to iTunes 8 I could not download iphone app updates. iTunes alerted me that an update was ready but it could not download it, it couldn’t even tell me what up needed the update. I read this page: http://www.iphoneatlas.com/2008/09/10/itunes-8-workaround-for-5002-unknown-error-when-trying-to-update-apps/ but wierder still my iphone wasn’t reporting an out of date app.

I figured if I deleted the app which needed the update and grabbed it again from the ITMS it would work. Of course I didn’t know which app to start with. So I deleted one app which for som reason never showed the correct icon. The update message didn’t go, so it wasn’t that app. I re-grabbed the app and for no good reason attempted to download the update again. It worked!

So without being able to verify this. If you have this error, and you have an app without the correct icon. Delete the app and get it again from ITMS, and if your like me – the problem goes away.

Genius Sidebar and The Beatles

I did a quick google and found a few other posts about this. I have half a dozen beatles albums and iTunes Genius does not work for any of them. This is obviously explicitly programmed in – but I don’t know why.

Though apple may only be able to make recommendations on music available in itunes, which limits it’s usefulness.

Transferring itms purchases from iPhone

I was playing with the itunes store on the iphone and decided to purchases an album, easy enough. I then connected the iphone to the computer to grab the songs. My iPhone is not set to sync music, I manage my music manually, and I could not drag the songs from my iphone to my itunes.

Now I know that if my library was set to sync it would happen automagically but it isn’t. And if I now set it to sync, everything on the iphone would be wiped and I would lose my just purchases songs.

Anyway, it is really easy when you know how. Right-click (CTRL-Click) on the iphone icon in itunes and hit “Transfer Songs”. That’s it, itunes will go and grab any purchased songs from you iphone that are not in your itunes library.

Personally I think it is dumb to hide this behind a right click, but there you have it.