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I was given an Google ION to play with. It is the developer phone from the 2009 Google IO Conference, basically an HTC Magic with some developer stuff enabled. I really liked it.

The OS is nice, I upgraded to the OpenEclair ROM to give 2.1 a try. It was way to slow on the Magic but it gave me an appreciation for where google is going, and I would love a Nexus One. I also tried rolling my own android ROM and it was surprisingly easy.

I installed the Cyanogen ROM. It was nice. Fast and Stable. My problem is simple. The Magic has a fairly small screen and the default Android fonts are tiny. I can’t use it. After 5 minutes, my eyes hurt and I can no longer focus them. My eyes are crap, but I have no problem using the iPhone. So for the moment I am sticking with my iPhone. When the Nexus One finally makes it to Australia, I will get one I think.

Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN

I have been attmepting to tether my iPhone to my computer using bluetooth in Karmic.

Supposedy blueman can do this very easily (www.blueman-project.org). To install blueman just run:
$ sudo aptitude install blueman.

My experience with blueman has been very hit and miss however, the connection appears to be made via bluetooth but I can rarely seem to get NetworkManager to make a network connection. Sometimes I have success pairing the devices again.

Using the older pand binary I have had a lot more success. If you are not scared of the terminal, it isn’t difficult and appears far more reliable Continue reading Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN

Bluetooth fixed on Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh

I followed this post to fix Bluetooth on my dell running OS X. I would recommend just following the first post, the script included later does some bad sed(ing), it changes far more values than it needs to. Sure the script works but it is a bit of a sledge hammer approach.

But following the first post I now have bluetooth working great, and tethering to my iphone (3.0) working as well. It is brilliant.

Replacing Mobile Me with Google Sync

Thanks to a fairly new project, Google Sync, I am now nolonger interested in a mobile me account.

It wasn’t the storage which interested me, and I am happy with picassa over Apple’s equivalent. But I use multiple computers, and I wanted the same calendar and mail on each computer and my iphone, and mobile me seemed the best way to do it. But now with Apple’s Address book able to sync with google, and Google Sync for the phone. I have all of my computers and iPhone syncing with the Google cloud, and staying in sync with each other.

Google Sync is also good news for linux users, allowing syncs without itunes. I think I’ll write a howto for linux users soon.

Read on for a how to. Continue reading Replacing Mobile Me with Google Sync

New iPhone

YAY! Optus helped me. I have a new iPhone. Only 8gb this time but I decided to get insurance rather than the ponying up for the 16gb.

Played with Skype on the iPhone today. Very nice, would be nicer if it could keep me logged in to receive calls, but still nice.

iPhone Bake out

I got my iphone almost working again!

Its a simple recpe:

  • Bottle of Distilled (De-mineralised) water
  • Water damaged iPhone
  • Rice (probably not necessary)

Wash iphone in distilled water. To insulate against the metal of the oven tray place iPhone on bed of rice. Bake for at least 4 hours at about 60 degrees centigrade .

Hopefully your iphone will again work, if not, throw iPhone away and eat rice.

The above worked for me, My iPhone still has some weirdness though. Camera is stuffed, as is the GPS. If the phone had been off when it was damaged I imagine that these problems wouldn’t have occurred. And the screen has some permanent water damage, a cloudy pattern which is always visible. Still better than a brick.