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Dell Hackintosh, saving space and hibernate

Hibernate does not work on a mini 9 running OSX. But OSX does create the hibernate file which will always be as large as the amount of memory you have.

On a 16GB Drive 2 gig seems an awfully large waste of space (remember as hibernate doesn’t work, the file is completey useless).

Open a terminal, and remove the current hibernate file:

$ sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage

Use pmset to turn hibernation off:

$ sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

I also found that for some reason the system still re-created a hibernate file, though I am no sure why or under what circumstances it would do that.

But to make sure it doesn’t happen simply set the location of the hibernate file to /dev/null:

$ sudo pmset -a hibernatefile /dev/null

You get 2GB back – Yay!

Bluetooth fixed on Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh

I followed this post to fix Bluetooth on my dell running OS X. I would recommend just following the first post, the script included later does some bad sed(ing), it changes far more values than it needs to. Sure the script works but it is a bit of a sledge hammer approach.

But following the first post I now have bluetooth working great, and tethering to my iphone (3.0) working as well. It is brilliant.

Hackbook Mini 9


It has been done many, many times before, but let me say, it is awesome.

Wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but it is amazing. Everything just seems to work. I have had a couple of hiccups, I cannot seem to tether a 3G phone without problems via bluetooth, and the the trackpad simply sucks, but it is great.

I used the howto from gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/5156903/how-to-hackintosh-a-dell-mini-9-into-the-ultimate-os-x-netbook.

There is just one simple error in the post. Once you have booted from the usb, device 80 is the USB stick, not the SSD. All you have to do is select device 81, and you can boot from the internal drive. You do not need to use a CD Drive for the second part of the process like the howto suggests.