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grrr Windows

For 6 months I have managed to live completely windows free (well except for my dopod – no iphone in Oz yet). Missing sync worked on the mac, office was there for compatibility, I was in a Beautiful windowless world.

I wanted to use the Playstation Store today, and you need to install a download manager to get the games on to the PSP.  And of course it runs on Windows only. I can’t find a way around it. Codeweavers may work, I haven’t tried.

After 6 months I have given 5gb of disk to Bootcamp and windows. I have given up my ideals for Crash Team Racing. I am a cheap and dirty tramp. 

PSP gladness

I have been playing a PSP. I wanted a DS, but the PSP was a gift and it has a pretty freaking sweet screen.

It’s an old game now, but I also scored a copy of Loco Roco. Man it is cool. Why are the Japanese so much cooler than us? That is a rhetorical question, as most of the entire universe is cooler than me.