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Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN

I have been attmepting to tether my iPhone to my computer using bluetooth in Karmic.

Supposedy blueman can do this very easily (www.blueman-project.org). To install blueman just run:
$ sudo aptitude install blueman.

My experience with blueman has been very hit and miss however, the connection appears to be made via bluetooth but I can rarely seem to get NetworkManager to make a network connection. Sometimes I have success pairing the devices again.

Using the older pand binary I have had a lot more success. If you are not scared of the terminal, it isn’t difficult and appears far more reliable Continue reading Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN

Bluetooth fixed on Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh

I followed this post to fix Bluetooth on my dell running OS X. I would recommend just following the first post, the script included later does some bad sed(ing), it changes far more values than it needs to. Sure the script works but it is a bit of a sledge hammer approach.

But following the first post I now have bluetooth working great, and tethering to my iphone (3.0) working as well. It is brilliant.