Dell XPS13, Developer Edition and Fedora

I am now the proud owner of a Dell XPS13 Developer Edition. It ships with Ubuntu, and I have just installed Fedora 21.

For a “Linux” Laptop, linux support is actually pretty terrible, but you can get all the hardware functioning.

First thing, make sure you upgrade the BIOS past A02.

Broadcom wireless chipset
Apparently if you are lucky enough to pick up one of these in Europe it will ship with an Intel wireless chipset, but the US version has a Broadcom wireless card in it.

  • Add the rpmfusion repository
  • Install the required module and support software
    # yum install kmod akmod kmod-wl kernel-devel
  • Reboot your laptop

Updating the BIOS will get the sound to work, but the microphone will still not work. Updating to Kernel 4.0 will fix the problem, or waiting for Fedora 22. I found a backported 4.0 here.

2 thoughts on “Dell XPS13, Developer Edition and Fedora”

  1. Dear Rob,
    did you encounter any issues actually getting the Fedora image to install onto the laptop?
    We are trying version 22 and it is not working at all.

    Many thanks,

    1. I don’t think I had an issue install the ISO. What error message are you getting?

      I now have everything working and am quite happy with it. There was a bug in one of the fedora kernels that wouldn’t boot, but it has been fixed.

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