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Really more out of curiosity than need I have migrated my WordPress instance to Openshift (Freeshift).

There are lots of how-tos already available. The deployment was very quick, and painless. While I do not feel the need to copy the howto verbatim I will include a couple of things unique to WordPress and Openshift.

Openshift does not provide a static IP address to your app.

  • You will need to setup a CNAME on your DNS server to [appname]-[namespace]
  • You then need to add the alias to openshift
    $ rhc alias add [appname] [alias]
  • WordPress also needs to be configured with the correct hostname or every link will direct you to [appname]-[namespace] Under General setting you can change the hostname and siteurl: 

Your app is deployed via GIT. All the usual buttons work in WordPress for installing themes and plugins, but if you pull from you git repository, or push from a local copy all of these changes will be overwritten.

  • Make changes to the GIT repository and push rather than make changes through the WordPress admin interface. Themes and plugins can simply be placed in their respective directories under “php/wp-content”.
  • Or if you do make changes on the production site, you can rsync the changes from your openshift deployment back to your git clone and add the changes there.
  • If you have changed the WordPress permalink settings there will be a “.htaccess” file created on the Openshift gear. Grab this and add it to your git repository or, every time you push your changes, the permalink settings will be reset.


3 thoughts on “Moved to Openshift”

    1. Impressive actually. Running on one small gear I do not believe the install could handle any real load. But it is noticeably faster than running WordPress on a single, small Rackspace VPS. I am guessing that Openshift gears are deployed on a larger AWS instance and that is why I am seeing the improvement, even though I am sharing that host with others.

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