Streaming divx movies to Xbox 360 with ushare

The Ubuntu repos have a upnp streaming server included in them called ushare. Install this:

# aptitude install ushare

And run it:

# ushare -x -c /directory/containing/media

-x: Xbox compliant profile
-c dir: Location of media

This works straight away, the problem is that even though the xbox can decode and play .avi files, it will not attempt to play them when streamed from ushare because of the mime type they are presented as. But we can recompile ushare to make it work

Preparing your ubuntu install for building packages:

# aptitude install build-essential devscripts
# aptitude build-dep ushare
# apt-get source ushare

Now that you have the required software and the source code, enter the package source directory and build it.

# cd ushare-1.1a/

Edit src/mime.c. Replace the line

{ "avi",   UPNP_VIDEO, "http-get:*:video/avi:"},


{ "avi",   UPNP_VIDEO, "http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:"},

Run debchange and add a comment for you new version:
# debchange -i

Build the package
# debuild

If you don’t have a gpg key setup for the email address used in the debchange, debsign will fail and the build will report an error, but it still should have built a deb package.

Move to the parent directory and install this package:

# dpkg -i ushare_1.1a-0ubuntu6_i386.deb

Now you can stream .avi files and the xbox will play them.

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