I was given an Google ION to play with. It is the developer phone from the 2009 Google IO Conference, basically an HTC Magic with some developer stuff enabled. I really liked it.

The OS is nice, I upgraded to the OpenEclair ROM to give 2.1 a try. It was way to slow on the Magic but it gave me an appreciation for where google is going, and I would love a Nexus One. I also tried rolling my own android ROM and it was surprisingly easy.

I installed the Cyanogen ROM. It was nice. Fast and Stable. My problem is simple. The Magic has a fairly small screen and the default Android fonts are tiny. I can’t use it. After 5 minutes, my eyes hurt and I can no longer focus them. My eyes are crap, but I have no problem using the iPhone. So for the moment I am sticking with my iPhone. When the Nexus One finally makes it to Australia, I will get one I think.

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