Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN

I have been attmepting to tether my iPhone to my computer using bluetooth in Karmic.

Supposedy blueman can do this very easily (www.blueman-project.org). To install blueman just run:
$ sudo aptitude install blueman.

My experience with blueman has been very hit and miss however, the connection appears to be made via bluetooth but I can rarely seem to get NetworkManager to make a network connection. Sometimes I have success pairing the devices again.

Using the older pand binary I have had a lot more success. If you are not scared of the terminal, it isn’t difficult and appears far more reliable

Install the older bluez tools:

$ sudo aptitude install bluez-compat

$ hcitool scan

Find the address of your phone from the list

$ sudo pand --connect 00:25:00:96:13:BB -n

This command will pair you phone to your computer and create a pan device. Of course replacing the MAC address with the address of your phone. This command will re-pair you devices each time it is run. If, like me you have an iPhone, you need to have you iPhone in the Bluetooth System Preference app to accept the pairing.

$ sudo dhclient bnep0

You are now tethered.

To kill the tether:

$ sudo pand -K

10 thoughts on “Ubuntu tethering via Bluetooth PAN”

  1. Wow I have not come across jolicloud before, looks very interesting …. would like a few more technical docs on the website though.

  2. Thank you so much ! I spent a whole day trying to get tethering through either blueman or uit.sh to with jolicloud without ever going, but your tutorial works great !

  3. My iPhone recognizes the tethering after the commandos, but my netbook doesn’t.. I can’t find the internet connection anywhere… Any tips?

    1. Alex, If you right-click on the Blueman icon you can open the plugins dialog. I am guessing NMIntegration is on and NMPANSupport is off. PAN Support puts all of the control in NetworkManager. So enable it and disable NMIntegration.

      Otherwiser after tethering the phone to blueman open a terminal and type:
      “sudo dhclient bnep0” and this will have the same affect.

      I hope this helps.

  4. Thank you very much! With your tutorial I was able to establish bluetooth-tethering on Linux Mint 15 Mate.

    (On Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon, I had no problems with bluetooth-tethering, but on Mate the option for “Access the internet using your mobile phone” is missing in the bluetooth-applet.)

  5. Hey,
    Thank you for this simple tutorial that supposedly has helped many here.
    I have a similar problem to solve, but I want to use my computer’s internet connection and share it with my phone over bluetooth, do you know how to achieve that?

    1. To be honest, I don’t currently have a current linux desktop to muck around on. This post is pretty old now, and I imagine the bluetooth tools in gnome-shell and ubuntu unity have changed drastically. Hope you find an answer somewhere though.

  6. Doesn’t seem to work, running Ubuntu 14.04:

    $ sudo pand –connect -n
    pand[2205]: Bluetooth PAN daemon version 4.101
    pand[2205]: Connecting to
    pand[2205]: bnep0 connected
    $ sudo dhclient bnep0
    Cannot find device “bnep0”

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